Free Swarm Pickup and Rehoming

First, we need to figure out if you have a swarm or a colony of bees.

A swarm is thousands of bees looking for a new home. You will commonly find swarms on a tree branch, the eave of your house, mailbox, or fence.

A swarm will look like this

We pick up a honey bee swarm, for FREE, in the Kansas City Metro area. We have seen bees take up residence in home walls, barbaque grill, whiskey barrel, and many more places. So it is very important you call as soon as you see the swarm.

Call or text 816-718-0447

A colony is a group of bees that have a home. If you see bees going in an out of a hole in a tree or your house, then you have a colony.

We recommend leaving colonies in trees unless there is a compeling reason to remove the tree.


Q: Why don't you charge a fee to remove a swarm?
A: We can use the bees in our apiary.

Q: Will you remove sweat bees or ground bees?
A: No, we only pick up honey bee swarms.

Q: Will you remove bees from inside our home?
A: No, we are not a pest removal service. As such, we are not insured for any unintended damages that might occur.

Q: Will you remove bees from a dead tree?
A: If you are having the tree removed by a professional tree service. We'll see what we can do.

Q: Will you remove bees from a live tree?
A: No, the bees are where they belong. If a loved one suffers from anaphylaxis as the result of bee stings, you need to take steps to remove food an water from your yard. You need to take these steps regardless if there is a colony of bees in your back yard or not. Steps include:
1. Don't allow any flowers to grow in your yard.
2. Don't put out feeders for humming birds, or any other source of sugar.
3. Don't put a source of water in your yard like a bird bath or water garden. Make sure your faucet does not leak.
4. Make sure the loved one knows how to behave when they come in contact with a bee... stand still and let the bee go on its way. DON'T swat at it.
5. Most importantly, make sure your loved one carries their epi-pen with them. And seek medical attention if a sting occures.